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A husband,common-law husband,boyfriend,or significant other, that is acting mean,crazy,unfair,or similiar to a wicked dictator.
My husband use to be so cool, now when I want to go out with my girlfriends for the night, he gets so jealous and crazy,he turns all osamabin-hubby on me.
by Carlye Samatas January 21, 2009
Somebody of the male gender who is proud of, enjoys talking about or displaying, and is generally egotistical about their testicles.
Gabby: " What's up with that guy? He's always talking about his frickin BALL-SAC.......whats his deal?"

Misty: " I'ts gross! He's so EGOTESTICAL.......the way he brags about his 2 buddies, you'd think they were the only coca-colas in the desert
by Carlye Samatas February 01, 2010
The spacey,tired feeling you get the day after a night of smoking weed.
Damn.....I wish I didn't have to go to work today, I feel totally weedwacked....
by Carlye Samatas January 18, 2009
A restaurant or place to eat food that has a "skanky" or less than refined clientele.
I used to love that restaurant before it got to be so popular with that scummy crowd.Now it's just full of all those sleazy, movie-star and model wannabees,it turned into a regular skankoteria.
by Carlye Samatas January 21, 2009
When women automatically get plastic surgery at the first signs of ageing. This usually is a result of pressure to always look young in the filmmaking business.
I would never want to be an actress in Hollywood today, the movie business is so brutal on actresses over 30 that they all have become plastomatic.
by Carlye Samatas January 18, 2009
#1, The area directly surrounding a persons waist to loins which makes up the "booty". OR...#2, The space needed for a persons "booty" to safely navigate a defined are.
#1, Oh man....that girl is so hot.....she may not have any tities,.....but,SHE HAS SOME AWESOME BOOTYSPACE!!! #2, Be warned dude, we are gonna be on red alert when your drunk-ass girlfriend tries to guide her bootyspace out of this crowded bar.
by Carlye Samatas January 17, 2009
#1. A very large,or oversized handbag{usually a designer brand}. #2. A trendy, oversized handbag that looks awesome, yet somewhat incongruous unless it is carrying your weekend wardrobe. #3.A combination of purse and luggage, or luggage that someone is trying to pass-off as a purse, just for the "look".
#1. Jen: Gosh Gabby! I love your new {Louis Vuitton/CHANEL/Balenciaga etc...}bag!....but do you really need all that major purseage? Gabby: Yea I do! The bigger the bag, the smaller my ass looks! #2. Oh man....all those super-skinny actresses carry all that rediculous purseage just to hide behind so we can't see how anorexic they really are......
by Carlye Samatas January 18, 2009
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