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Started off as a totally hot, big boobed actress with an amazing perfect figure and what looked like talent. Then went Britney Spears on our asses and decided to drive like a manic, snort coke, and turn into a walking skeleton with bleached hair in the shade of 'fresh skank'.

Decided to become lesbian with Sam Ronson and let's face it could have had someone much hotter. As Eminem would say 'Samantha's a 2, you're practically a 10'.

Also has a sister called Ali who is a less hot yet cleaner looking version of Lindsay.

Hopefully she will clean up her act, ditch the skank hair and eat some food.
Dave: Amy from High School used to be so hot.

Andy: Yeah I heard she got hooked on heroin.

Dave: Shame, she's such a Lindsay Lohan now.
by CarlyBunny July 08, 2009

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