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A town in West Hartford, which is a somewhat populated portion of the greater Hartford area. This city-town is known for being one of the nicer towns in this area but could never rival the class and wealth of the southwestern portion of the state. West Hartford is a mix: Jewish, Latino, Caucasian, Black, Asian, etc. The average home is priced between $350,000 and $400,000 according to the 2008 CNN/Money Report, which is above the national average, but below the state average. Overall, not a desirable place to be from unless you surely do not want to be or cannot afford to be part of the greater Boston or New York crowd.
High School Person #1: So... you live in West Hartford?
High School Person #2: Oh, near Hartford?
High School Person #1: Yeaaa dude.
by Carly39999 May 11, 2008

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