45 definitions by Carly

comes from Jones Soda. Means simular to the word "chilling"
chad:hey whatcha doing?
me:ummmm not much just jonezin..
by carly December 11, 2004
the greatest game in the world where you throw the ball that has holes in it and go around the bases and this is really confusin
by Carly October 17, 2003
someone who leaves lots of poop in the toilet and doesnt flush so it gets all soggy
big sisters
by carly October 07, 2003
1. the softest part of the human body, right under the lip.
2. a sad face, in which the lower lip is stuck out, in an adorable fashion
*coined by Tara*
Someone is sad and they make a puppy dog face...you say, "Don't you schooch me!"
by Carly March 03, 2003
word used to silence someone when they are talking about something they shouldnt be talking about.
Chata the fuck up! Cha Ta! Chata your mouth!
by carly January 14, 2005
Code..If you are riding in a hott air balloon, you are high.
"Ima bout to go take a ride in a hott air balloon."
by carly January 26, 2004
similar to porn just without nudity.
one sec i gotta go beat off to some notpr0n
by carly March 25, 2005
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