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Peakers 2004....our place of paradise...POPCFG=life
We go to POPCFG our summer home.
by Carly February 04, 2004
to be sick, usually because of too much alcohol/drugs
Haha nicole whitied on New Years eve!
by carly January 24, 2004
a hot girl who is not exactly the most popular but shes liked by many even popular guys.
WOW!dued shes such a cheslock
by carly April 07, 2005
1. the state of being extremely emo
2. something that is very emo
3. something amazingly emo and cooler than you
1."did you hear that song?"
"yeah, those lyrics are totally emoXcore"

2. "look at that kid"
"he is definitely emoXcore"
by carly March 26, 2005
Including, but not limited to:

Most perfect man alive, embodying all that is good and lovable, sweet, endearing, precious and synonymous with the love of someone’s life.

My fiance is such a Dinnison!

I broke my mom's ancient Chinese vase from the Zhou Dynasty; it was Dinnison.
by Carly October 26, 2004
Who would bother with this?? It is so lame.
Scottules is a lamer with to much time on his hands.
by Carly September 22, 2003
huh? what? hey?
most often used with a question mark attached
so earwigs are actually the 19th wonder of the world, if you count unbreakable plastic

by carly October 16, 2003
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