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To reach a decision amongst the bros. Usually achieved through mutual brosent (consent amongst bros), or through lack of concern of what shall go down as long as the bros are present.
Lets reach a brocision in light of our dilemma. Joel is 21 but doesnt have ID so we have to leave northside, what shall we do next? Lets hit the bowling alley/most happening spot in Martinsville, next to walmart and cousin fornication. Glad we could come to a brocision guys this place is the tits/boss/bomb.com. Low four! Turn up the country tunes while I trip on this Klonopin!
by Carlton925198950 June 28, 2011
A close friend or (Bro) who tends to hangout with various cliques of other guys outside your true crew!
Man, Austin! You'sa broskeeza fo that one! Why you been hanging with those niglets down at popeys chicken. Nothing is wrong with chilling with your true bromos talking about how BET is bull shi* because we dont have WET.
by Carlton925198950 June 28, 2011

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