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1. large aerial distance traveled in the scale of one individual, as by a jump or travel perhaps. Falling is also subject to this
1. Kevin: "michael jordan dunked from the free-throw line" Carlos: "man, that's some airgro"

2. Matt: "what if i flew to china would i be airgro?" Carlos: "thats some massive airgro"
#jumping #falling #flying #airtime #hangtime #aerial #air
by Carlos D December 08, 2007
To charge an extraneous amount of money on a transaction for the sheer fact that it is possible.

(Derives from the onomatopoeic sound of a cash register opening)
Person 1: I found a buyer for my old car!
Person 2: Really? Are you gonna ch-chang him?
Person 1: You better believe it.
#chi-chang #cha-ching #greed #rip-off #bogart
by Carlos D November 30, 2007
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