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When someone has been dropped from some kind of team,squad or association.
Oliver: "Lets have a look at the football squad"
Jim: "Haha,oliver has been pie'd"
by Carlo Rocco February 16, 2008
when a player goes straight into a tackle(football or rugby) and wins the ball but completely wipes out the oppositions player.
commentator:"..and Ronaldo's got the ball and bang,hes just been munched by Carragher!"
by Carlo Rocco February 18, 2008
used to:
1)show humour at someone who has done something so bad or something so funny that you want to learn it yourself and want to do it yourself.
2)show humour at a player who makes an awful mistake,has a disapponiting touch or completely fails a trick,skill or 'showboat' and you want them to show you just how they did it!
1)Gary:"shit,ive just lost all my money and car keys"
Paul:"Teach Me!"
2)Chris completely makes a twat of himself trying to do some skills and falls over the ball,before banging his head on the concrete and ripping his brand new school shoes and trousers.
Liam:"Teach me!"
by Carlo Rocco February 18, 2008
1)used to describe a funny action that a person does 2)or used to show humourous fustration at yourself for making a mistake.Both uses should be said in a high pitch voice for a maximum 2 seconds.
1) kid falls off bike.James:" MINT!"
2) John misses an open goal.John: " MINT!"
by Carlo Rocco February 16, 2008
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