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1. In soccer, or football as some places name the position, the only person that is really truly unique in the 11 players.

goalies are allowed to use hands while inside their own goalie box.

If you read to here, congrats! the people who left might think i am a boring asshole to leave things like this on urban! I am gonna start talking about what the goalie really does.

First of all, the goalie has the most fucked up job on the pitch. He dives, he saves, he leaps, he slides in mud, he cannot make mistakes, he is thought by assholes that don't know soccer as"easy job", and thought by even bigger assholes that know about soccer as "useless". chicks crave the strikers-they evade the goalkeepers.

secondly, no other position has a bigger decisive power than the goalie. if a goalie saves a goalbound shot, it equals as he scores one. why does so many assholes think the goalies are useless?

if you are a professional goalkeeper, great. good news, if you make good saves, you will show in the highlights. bad news, if you concede, the video of you eating shit will be played over and over again.

last, goalies are the backbone of the defence! when the team is fucked, its the goalie that has shit smeared all over his face picking up the ball from inside the goal and screaming:" fucking fight! you motherfucking assholes! lets go out and fuck those motherfucking fucks!!!!"

so! i hope you are a little more interested in goalkeeper!
by Carlisle C September 05, 2012

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