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1. In the United States: Someone from up North.

Stereotypically, someone who is stuck up and loud who hates Southerners. In reality, they are just people who have a high tolerance for the cold.

2. A player or fan of the New York Yankees beseball team.

In some people's opinion, this team is amazing. In others, this team is a horrible representation of the game.

3. In other countries: An American

Stereotypically, someone who is stupid, egotistical, self-gratifying, and distructive. In reality, this type of yankee has a variety of charictaristics. Some match the above description stated, and some are people who care about the world around them, are knowledgable of American AND world history, and are deeply hurt when others call us, "obese retards who will destroy the world." Some of us enjoy blending in in foreign countries and are pleased when (for example) a French waiter stares at you in shock, after displaying perfect knowledge of French eating habits and having a perfect accent and admitting an American heritage.
1. Southerner: *glares at annoying person* Stupid Yank.

2. Me: Wahoo!!! Yankees!!!

My sister: (dressed in Mets gear) *SHOCK!!!* NOOO!!! MY OWN SISTER??? A YANKEES FAN?? NOOOOOOO!!

3. Me: Je voudrais un croque-monsieur, s'il vous plait.

Garcon: *well, thats obvioulsy not a stupid yank*

Me: *what would he say if he knew i was an American*
by Carleigh94 January 02, 2010

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