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2. Once the shine of a good speech from 4 years wears away and you realize that all you have in front of you is an empty suit. i.e.: Aregular guy who was taken, before he even knew he was poor to the most exclusive schools in the world; who calls himself black but was raised by white mother and grandparents after two black fathers abandoned him, who DID NOT vote against the war in Iraq because he was a state rep from Chicago at the time NOT Senator, that has not laid out one single policy or plan of action besides "hope and change we can believe in" and who is the truest example of The Affirmative Action President.
b. Realizing theres no chance he would be where he was if it wasnt for his skin color but having to hear some idiot hold on to the old adage that somehow being black hurts you in this country when every single federal program/pop culture/teaching in academia is bent to be Pro Black Anti White and will yell out that his skin color actually hurt him.
Yeah, Hate Crimes, I know all those gangbangers in Compton are terrified of a bunch of lacrosse players from La Jolla coming down and kicking ass. Barack Hussein Obama is his name, its not an insult, its HIS NAME>
My God, if I have to watch one more Obama supporter spew on about hope or change one more time with absolutely no concrete plan backing it up and only being seduced by the man's speaking style I will honestly start calling America: "Germany 1931"
Also, if I have to hear one more rich white person talk about "hope" or "change" I will puke. What in the world are you hoping to change? The way its been going so far has worked out great for you. Ugh, I have an Obama Hangover.
by Carl The Truth Williams August 27, 2008

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