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Someone who blindly follows a political or religious movement for the sake of nationalism or imposing their views onto others. The term refers the way Nazis used to march in line with each other. A Goose Stepper is similar to a "kool-aid" drinker.
Many devout supporters of the Republican or Democratic parties are nothing more than goose steppers.
by Carl Stawicki January 16, 2009
Lipstick or other lip crud that accumulates on a person's coffee mug, soda can, drinking straw, etc.
The lipshit on that can of Tab came from Mary's lipstick.
by Carl Stawicki June 07, 2009
A girl who's on the gub'ment welfare program known as WIC (Women, infants, and children).
Brittany had to become a WIC Chick after getting knocked up again.
by Carl Stawicki May 02, 2010
Someone who insists on starting small talk while standing at the urinal.
Joe the Urinal Yacker makes others feel awkward while taking a piss.
by Carl Stawicki February 08, 2009
The seam down the back of a tight skirt on a woman whose ass is full of cellulite. The seam follows the line of her ass crack, thus resembling the Autobahn.
Mary may have looked good in that skirt in 1988, but today she’s sporting a Autobum.
by Carl Stawicki February 06, 2009
A face full of any king of red sauce, like barbecue, ketchup, or wing sauce. The person's mouth area ends up looking like a bloody vagina, especially if the person has facial hair.
Joe ended up with a Menstrual Facial after finishing his plate of Buffalo Wings.
by Carl Stawicki February 02, 2009
Short for "Digital Communist," someone who believes in the equal distribution of digital assets and who thinks they're entitled to the intellectual property of others.
File sharers and software pirates are nothing more than digicoms.
by Carl Stawicki April 07, 2009
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