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Something old women say to refer to a group of black people.
Filthy stinking niggers, selling their drugs all over the neighbourhood.
by Carl Mygind February 15, 2011
An expression used to mean roughly that one has a lot of women at his disposal, mainly for sexual purposes. Probably derived from the DJ DMD song 25 lighters.
B - Yo Tyrone, you gettin' pussy nowadays?
T - Hell yeah, B. I got 25 titties on the dresser, yessir.
by Carl Mygind November 23, 2011
An expression that you use to signify that there are or were a lot of women around you.
C - Yo man, what happened at the party yesterday?
F - Oh shit, son! There were so many bitches on me! I was 20 000 boobs deep!
by Carl Mygind October 20, 2011

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