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7 definitions by Carl Davidson

An asshole, bigot, homophobe, tyrant, first-class prick, dick-tator, prone to invade nearby defenceless democracies and jailing female rock bands. Can be seen hanging out with other weirdo leaders such as Berlusconi and faking wild animal encounters. Semi-delusional, self-justifying and deceptive.
Wow, did you see that guy cut off the school bus full of disabled children? Ya, what a putin.
by Carl Davidson March 10, 2014
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To shit oneself, especially if scared
Two bounty hunters are patrolling near a swamp and are startled by a giant scorpion-like creature, which they then kill. Says one to the other "I really dropped some mud there". Attribution: from movie Riddick, 2013, roughly quoted. To drop some mud, i.e. shit oneself from fear.
by Carl Davidson September 08, 2013
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The real thing, the actual goods, the real smoke (dope), vs. fake or not up to par
Peter Travers, movie reviewer for Rolling Stone - in a review on August 23, 2013 of the Simon Pegg movie 'World's End' - closing remark: "...The World's End is better than all right. It's the shit."
by Carl Davidson August 28, 2013
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When two men joust for top sartorial spot using their wardrobes as objects to challenge each other
Who's the new guy?
Oh, that's Brian - he's challenging the boss for top sartyr.
What do you mean?

Check out the duds - he's trying to outdo the boss.
Who's gonna win.
Dunno, but there will be blood when there's duelling peacocks in the office...
by Carl Davidson July 11, 2013
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Mildly derogatory reference to famous and hapless cartoon character 'Fearless Fosdick' by Li'l Abner, first appearing in 1942.
Look at Fosdick over there sniffing it out - what a buffoon!
by Carl Davidson June 12, 2013
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Prepare to get fucked up the ass
Hey boss, I'm really busy and overloaded. Response "Well, grab your heels, there's more".
by Carl Davidson September 08, 2013
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1. When you make a computer boo-boo
2. When a computer has a technical fart, error message or hiccup
Oh-oh, my computer just had an eFart and I think I have to restart...
by Carl Davidson August 11, 2013
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