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An asshole, bigot, homophobe, tyrant, first-class prick, dick-tator, prone to invade nearby defenceless democracies and jailing female rock bands. Can be seen hanging out with other weirdo leaders such as Berlusconi and faking wild animal encounters. Semi-delusional, self-justifying and deceptive.
Wow, did you see that guy cut off the school bus full of disabled children? Ya, what a putin.
by Carl Davidson March 10, 2014
To shit oneself, especially if scared
Two bounty hunters are patrolling near a swamp and are startled by a giant scorpion-like creature, which they then kill. Says one to the other "I really dropped some mud there". Attribution: from movie Riddick, 2013, roughly quoted. To drop some mud, i.e. shit oneself from fear.
by Carl Davidson September 08, 2013
Mildly derogatory reference to famous and hapless cartoon character 'Fearless Fosdick' by Li'l Abner, first appearing in 1942.
Look at Fosdick over there sniffing it out - what a buffoon!
by Carl Davidson June 12, 2013
The real thing, the actual goods, the real smoke (dope), vs. fake or not up to par
Peter Travers, movie reviewer for Rolling Stone - in a review on August 23, 2013 of the Simon Pegg movie 'World's End' - closing remark: "...The World's End is better than all right. It's the shit."
by Carl Davidson August 28, 2013
When two men joust for top sartorial spot using their wardrobes as objects to challenge each other
Who's the new guy?
Oh, that's Brian - he's challenging the boss for top sartyr.
What do you mean?

Check out the duds - he's trying to outdo the boss.
Who's gonna win.
Dunno, but there will be blood when there's duelling peacocks in the office...
by Carl Davidson July 11, 2013
Prepare to get fucked up the ass
Hey boss, I'm really busy and overloaded. Response "Well, grab your heels, there's more".
by Carl Davidson September 08, 2013
1. When you make a computer boo-boo
2. When a computer has a technical fart, error message or hiccup
Oh-oh, my computer just had an eFart and I think I have to restart...
by Carl Davidson August 11, 2013

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