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The nickname given to one depressed pod, who goes by the name of John Tarr Jr. He is the founder of wikigameguides.com, the worlds greatest video game website.
This nickname was first given to him by his viewers due to his depressed pod-like behavior.
Guy 1: Who's playing during this live stream, he seems really pod-like?

Guy 2: The Depressed Guy is playing.

Guy 1: Oh ok so John Tarr Jr. is playing... Thanks.
by Carl's Shaft July 11, 2011
"Sami's Lower Lip" is a Facebook page which features a picture of "Sami The Porn Star" as many people know her, which showcases her nose ring. Though this page Sami The Porn Star has aquired many stalkers which are generally fat slobs who use Chipotle in most of their metaphores!
Guy 1: Have you checked out Sami's Lower Lip on Facebook?

Guy 2: For sure she's like a Chipotle burrito with extra hot sauce.

Guy 1: Definitely!
by Carl's Shaft July 11, 2011

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