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Suffolk County Community College (aka "The Ship of Fools").

Two campuses located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. One in Seldon and the other in Brentwood.
Six-one-way-half-a-dozen-the-other. Both are colossal wastes of time and money.
Junior college under an assumed name.
High school with ash-trays.
One would be better-off either: A) Trying a little harder to get into a real college, or, B) Finding a well-paying blue collar job!

"I wasted two years in SCCC and all I got to show for it is an unpaid student loan and a case of the clap!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 28, 2007
1) "Praise The Lord!"

2) "People That Love"

3) "Pass The Loot"

4) "Pay The Lady"
Bob : "The PTL club, founded by Jim and Tammy Baker, was brought to ruin by a combined conspiricy involving Jessica Hahn, Howard Stern, Berkley Brethard, Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, the Liberal/Leftist Media, Ronald Reagan, Fawn Hall-and/or-Donna Rice, Playboy and Penthouse, National Lampoon Magazine, and Satan Himself!"

Eric: "Dude, you're f**king wacked!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 12, 2007
The greatest DJ who ever lived. Period.
The only man with any guts to stand-up to the Powers-That-Be and tell the uncensored truth!
The first truly alternative morning radio show worth listening to, as compared to the "Morning Zoo Crews."
The only one worth listening to.
The ONE!
"Howard Stern has the distinct honor of having a public rest-room named after him on the Jersey Turnpike!"
by Carl J. Maltese May 15, 2007
See: Wannabe's.
See also: Over-privledged high school boys; Overzealous subscriber to "Soldier of Fortune" magazine; Weekend paintballer with too much free time.
"Tony joind the Civil Air Patrol because he was too old for the Boy Scouts and too young for the Air Force. What a lame-ass wannabe!"
by Carl J. Maltese May 06, 2007
Symbolic, alagorical name of that which is evil, bad, or wrong in certain novels, such as "Lord of the Flies."
"In 'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding, the character that represented evil was named 'Jack.' The character that represented good was named 'Roger,' and the character that represented order & rationality was named 'Piggy.'"
by Carl J. Maltese April 10, 2007
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