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The twentieth century after BC; the year when computers and resources were supposed to explode,implode, and crash all together.
I was so scared for y2k to come!!
by Carissa December 29, 2003
dirrty lovin'
I need some pirate lovin'.
by Carissa June 28, 2004
1. A word said to avoid taking the lord's name in vain; an exclamation
Geezums, Jake is such loser!

Geezums you just popped up outta nowhere.
by Carissa June 28, 2004
1.An overweight loser who has few friends.
Go away you villoriglet!
by Carissa June 28, 2004
A stupid person; a dufus; moron
Zoe, you're such a dufo.
by Carissa November 23, 2003
weird; goofy; silly; outrageous; spontanious; idiotic dufo
You look lacoontapalipanookie, dude!
by Carissa November 23, 2003
A marshmallow purple bunnyin the shape of a waffle, blended into a milkshake.
Look for yourself fluffer nutter www.scrappo.com
by Carissa January 30, 2005

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