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A type of Stall-Walker. One who briskly swishes water over their hands without using soap after taking a leak or a dump.
Gabe: Answer me this Alfred, did you make mud pies when you were a kid?
Alfred: Sure did Gabe, how did you know?
Gabe: Well, when you swished instead of using soap after you came out of the toilet you pretty much just made a doo-doo cake in your hands. (pause) With pee extract.

Red: Yo chief, can me and Hank get some of your potato chips?
Slim: Didn’t ya’ll just come out of the can?
Red: Yep
Slim: Did ya’ll wash your hands with soap?
Red: Nope
Slim: Ain’t neither one of you Swisher’s stickin’ your stink’n hands in my bag.

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