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3 definitions by Cards OWN the Central

The best arcade game set in the wild wild west.
o.O <(Let's go play Sunset Riders!)

O.O <(K!!!)
by Cards OWN the Central April 30, 2005
Butt-Huggers Association.

A group started in 1994 by some young guns in Mountain View to express their homosexuality. Founding members included, Bobby BHA, Buttjam BHA, Brownie BHA, Ballista BHA and some other schmucks I can't remember. Their hand shake was a 20 part shake with various lame innuendos including sucking on a loly pop. The group split up in 1998 when they found out Milli Vanilli faked their performance casuig dismay among the BHA-ers.
BHA motto:
"BHA is the bomb!
It's good for your dad,
But it's better for your mom.
BHA, is the best!
'Cause we come from the west!"
by Cards OWN the Central May 11, 2005
Does your jell-o gargle the imitation yeast?
The above DYJGTIY is wrong.
by Cards OWN the Central April 24, 2005