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A little internet face used to represent crying.
The more underscores, more sadness is being represented.
Can be followed with an exclamation point.
Or, ¡ an upside down one.
"My cat ran away! ;___________;"

";___;, I failed my English test!"

"I just realized how much Hawthorne Heights blows! ;_______;!!"
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006
;___; but with a lazy eye.
So, sad feelings for the internet crazed for those with lack of complete control over one eye.
"My boyfriend broke up with me just now!"
"Yeah, 'cause you're a fattie!"
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006
1) A delicious, frozen, fruity treat.
2) A gay man.
1) "Raspberry sherbet for me please!"
2) "Man, what a fucking sherbet."
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006
Variants : a-teamin' it, a-teamed it, a-teamin', a-teamed

1) Based off of the show The A-Team, a phrase used when one must get somewhere quickly; used as a sign of encouragement.
2) Jumping or running dramatically.
3) Walking slowly when one should be going more quickly.
4) Something that MUST be done.
1) "Come on, Chelsea, you can A-Team it!"
2) "Whoa, whoa. No need to A-Team it there, man."
3) "Hurry up, you gotta A-Team this bitch to make it to class on time!"
4) "Crap, now I gotta A-Team it outside to go catch my dog."

Variants :

"We went to the mall and were A-Teamin' to Hollister 'cause there's a sale on bags."

"Man, I fucking A-Teamed it to my job interview today."

"I hope they appreciated my A-Teamin' to be able to get to the store before it closes."

"Hurry up!"
"Shush. This doesn't need to be A-Teamed."
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006
1) Another word for a man, but in an Pilgrim-esqe tone.
2) Folk music groups with all men. See brokeback.
1) "ladies, don't forget to put on panties. Otherwise, you'll excite the menfolk."
2) "This band used to be all about the music, but ever since they started to menfolk and get on TV, I've gotten over them." See hipster
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006
Basically, emo kids that don't admit to being emo.
Not surprisingly, they look pretty much the same as emo kids, but with more childish things than "darker" things.
"Oh, crap. Brian and Heather think I'm emo!"
"Shit! Uhm...just say that you're scene."
"That's...that's just brilliant enough to work. Quick, we must change our screennames to cuntx_____bangdeath and steal shirts from our little siblings!"
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006
Like arg but without the a, r, or g.
Describes feelings of frustration.
Usually followed by ".__.", ";___;", or ";___."
Never, EVER, EVER to be said outside of the internet.
"I can't go to that concert tonight. Murf."
by CarbonatedWater April 06, 2006

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