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Pungent, smelly vagina. Usually denoting the presence of something to be later cleared up by antibiotics. The origin can be traced to the streak of grey slime left on the top of your johnson after hiding the salami in a 'trich' infected wench, and it's probable similarity in smell to cut-up dead fish parts used to lure sharks into surrounding waters.
1) "I wouldn't touch her with your dick, she's sportin a real chumslick down there..."

2) "Whew, that's one wicked chumslick."

by CarbonCrappie March 17, 2009
The feeling immediately following a tweet that you regret having sent. Typically felt after responding in a unfriendly way to someone's useless, inappropriate or lame tweet.
Tweeter: So in love with Jacob, I think I'll marry him.
Response: So then why were you fucking his friend Harry last night?

To friend: Oh boy, I shouldn't have tweeted that. I'm having tweeter's remorse.
by CarbonCrappie September 07, 2010
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