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A clever way of saying you're single. The ability to be with who you want, when you want, where you want, and with no need to report on your activity to a significant other or to be somewhere when you just don't feel like it. Best thrown out at a cocktail party or some sort of business convention.
Girl: So you're single?

Guy: Well... I'm socially agile.

Girl: Haha. What does that mean?

Guy: It means, "Can I get your number?"
by Carbomb December 12, 2013
The scale with which one can be rated as an ass, asshole, asshat, or any combination thereof. These people generally fall along the lines of what is described in Denis Leary's "Asshole" song. Ratings of assitude can range from your average tribal-tatted, grunting gym rat all the way up to Bernie Madoff.
Person 1: That guy's assitude just jumped about 50 points. I'm pretty sure I hate him now more than Jersey Shore.

Person 2: Whoa, that's pretty bad.
by Carbomb December 16, 2010
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