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Creepy, pathetic, insecure guys (read: wimps) use this website to stalk girls they're too scared to talk to. All this loser has to do is simply type in her name in MySpace and he would have access to her information and her pictures.

Other uses include:
1. Feeling self-important by posting info about his/her life no one really cares about (I like to watch BBC).
2. Whining about the smallest "problems" they face in their silver spoon life (boo-hoo, my Porsche's not a turbo).
Loser: *sees girl* Wow, she's pretty. I must know her name but I'm too chicken to walk up to girls and say hello. Maybe one of her friends will shout out her name! Then I can look her up on myspace, get some of her pics, and jack off to them! Boo-hoo...I'm gonna die a virgin.
by CarUS June 04, 2006

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