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A site that 90% of the visitors are either European or liberal or just plain assholes.

A site that is used to spread propaganda

A site that is overrun my immature teens and adults.

A site that full of racist people and stereo types.

A breading ground for anti American trolls.
You: "no its not its a great site!"

Me: "Look up a definition that has anything to do with the USA or pro bush and you will see my point"
by Caption America June 21, 2005
A definition that europeans use on urbandictionary to insult the united states, failing to realise the guy who owns the damn show is european.
Englishman "American idol sucks"

American "Why don't you watch the teletubbies you fag"
by Caption America May 27, 2005
Something that is instilled into 99% of Europeans.

also see arrogant.
I'm American and you call us ignorant but you know what they say it takes one to know one and if I'm ignorant, I sure as hell know what an ignorant person is.
by Caption America July 27, 2005
A man who is envied by every single person on the planet. (Especially Europeans)many compare him to Hitler, he is also the butt of many jokes but if it were not for him we would all be stuck using Peace of shit Macs or other operating systems that are as useless as a $2 bill (Cough Cough Linux..)
Stupid Asshole: "Bill gates has his mind set on world domination"

Me: " Your just a jealous SOB, you just envy him because hes the richest man in the world also an American icon .. to bad your shit country doesn't have one"
by Caption America July 26, 2005
"New World Order or No Way Out.
Once the NWO is in place in 2004 there will be No Way Out for U.S. citizens."

well its 2005 and there is no new world order, just goes to show the ignorance of some people to assume one exist.
hipi: "New World Order or No Way Out.
Once the NWO is in place in 2004 there will be No Way Out for U.S. citizens.""

Me: "Haha your a fucking retard"
by Caption America March 22, 2005

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