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A writing style that combines standard, short hand, and cursive writing styles into one. Short standursive is usually found in college note taking.

Because each handwriting style is different, short standursive looks different for each person who uses it, thus making it nearly impossible for people other than the author to read the notes.
I borrowed Myra's notes but I couldn't read them because they were in short standursive.
by Captain_Frieda February 04, 2011
A love number is a typo when someone gets in a hurry to make a heart on the key board ex: <3

A love number looks like this: <#
Chatter one: I found a kitten today!
Chatter two: AWW <#
Chatter one: <# ?
Chatter two: Opps, love number. <3
by Captain_Frieda November 20, 2010

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