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An ingenious table of chemical elements ranging into the 100's. From Hydrogen to Uranium and element 114. A perfect atom and nucleus with such stabillity only found on the island of stabillity.
The periodic table is a basic lesson for any pupil wanting to learn the great subject of science
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 12, 2006
A violent natural chemical ( Na ) which mixed with chlorine becomes sodium chloride, a.k.a salt. Sodium makes a small explosion with water as hydrogen interacts with the chemical compounds of sodium, and producing some Sodium Hydroxide ( NaOH )Sodium, also hydroscopic is a caustic substance, don't dream of dropping it on you. If you ever bought a small microscope it comes with a petrified sample of sodium. DO NOT EAT
Chemist Ed: Don't mix sodium with water without saftey!!

Dumbshit: Durr, let's put some sodium on our fries!
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 12, 2006
The Science of matter and physical objects.
The study of chemicals and substances
A subject interpreted by morons who think everything related to it is explosive
Moron: You terrorist!

Normal Guy: Not everything is about explosives in chemistry
by CaptainWhiteyBoy March 19, 2007
Your quiet, comfortable bathroom at home or office in which you can poop in peace in a quiet empty place without any people hanging around listening to your loud echoing farts in the toilet and chuckling.

Finally, i'm home. Now I can shit in peace.

My private bathroom is much cleaner than the shitty, piss stained public ones.

by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 20, 2006
A band that racked up many teenyboppers during the release of American Idiot targeted at George W. Bush, but also gained many haters and were taken the wrong way very seriously because of their "emo" appearance. I think it was just to raise their popularity. If I were Green Day, i would rip off my tight clothing and eyeliner and put on my old jeans and blazer.
Teenybopper: OmG lYk BillY JoE So Hawwwt!!11

Anti-Green day person: Green day sucks cock because of their pop and emo shit *walks away*

Me: If you would understand the "REAL" green day music, that WAS punk, just listen to kerplunk, the greatest damn album ever made by them
by CaptainWhiteyBoy March 20, 2007
Meaning someone who modifies, or changes work already done
Meaning many different types of editing

What I am. I decide if posts are sent to Urban Dictionary administrators or not, there are many stupid posts indeed Received.

Sunday, March 18, 2007, editor mode

*Some non-famous girl's name*
"Is the best girl in the world!"

by CaptainWhiteyBoy March 20, 2007
Chemical formula for Caron Monoxide
Joe: Hmm, I feel dizzy. *Checks boiler* Holly shit..Hey honey! Why is the boiler acting so- *collapses on floor and stops breathing*
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 12, 2006

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