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A nick name for menthol powder, such as Gold Bond Powder, when applied to your scrotum. Once the menthol kicks in, it has been said the cooling tingling feeling feels like, "a thousand little elves gently blowing on your nuts."
Nick: Damn it's hot outside. I'm friggin melting...

Steve: That's why I always use the Thousand Elves! The forecast down below is always a breezy 65 degrees with a high probability of AWESOME!
by CaptainSteve September 11, 2009
Some bullshit long winded way of saying 'Small Cup'.
Guy: "I filled up this ramekin with M&Ms and..."
Dude: "wait wait... a what?!"
Guy: "You know... a ramekin... it's like a small cup"
Dude: "Why the fuck didn't you just say 'small cup'?"
by CaptainSteve February 17, 2011

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