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Acronym: "No-One Wants To Hear Your Shit."

"I've had a really rough day; NOW THYS."
by CaptainScorpio April 22, 2009
The principle that being prepared for impending zombie apocalypse is the safer bet than not being prepared, as the loss if one is incorrect is minuscule in relation to the reward if one is correct.
"Dude? Why do you have a chainsaw and a sawed-off in your umbrella stand?"

"Romero's Wager, man."
by CaptainScorpio April 12, 2009
/KOH-meh-SIM-teh/ or /KOH-meh-SIM-tay/

The serene feeling of wellbeing similar to post-orgasmic afterglow, but which does not actually derive from orgasm or specifically sexual activity.
It's a good day. Everything's giving off an aura of comesimte.
by CaptainScorpio May 27, 2010
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