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A type of cereal commonly eaten by white people in order to improve their stamina and jumping ability. Also is known to increase penis size, but has the sad side effect of "broke assness", or more simply the condition of having no money. First seen on Chapellels Show
Hey jake, didja get yo daily nigger o's today?

Hellz yeah you think i'mma be the only white boy can't jump?
by CaptainCrunk December 06, 2006
When a man urinates into one's anus while his cock is simultaneously shit on by the receiving participant directly over a coffee cup. The watery shit piss concoction drips and accumulates in the cup, allowing for a mud like texture at the the bottom. This collection of watery shit piss is then shared as a beverage by both parties.
Had a peruvian mud coffee with that girl from Friday night
by captaincrunk December 12, 2014

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