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A MLB pro team. Sports Illstrated said that this team will finish 30th overall in the 2005 season. There is only 30 teams.
Friend: Those royals are the shizze!
Me: No. They suck.
Friend: Wahhh? No way!
Me: Yes.
Friend: Why do they suck? I love 'em!
Me: Name one player on their team!
Friend: Ummmm....ok.
by CaptainAmerica April 01, 2005
A moderator is a person who watched an internet message board system and deletes posts that break the rules, and move threads and such. They often are voically abused by rude teenagers who like to post porn.
Stupid Kid: 5TUPid m0D5. 1'Ll P05t MY nuD3 p1C5 oF jEnn4 4NY t1Me!
Moderator: Please don't do that. That breaks the rules. If you do it again I'll have to kick you.
Stupid Kid: pHUxOr Y0U, M0D$! wH3n 1 ruLe TH15 pl4cE aNd H@X0R IT +H3N i'lL fIrE YOu!
Moderator: You've been kicked.
by CaptainAmerica March 11, 2005
An anti-cheating program used by Quake 3 and America's Army. It updates alot, but still talented hackers/cheaters can cheat.
Non Cheater: Man, Punkbuster sucks. I gotta wait four minutes to update, and those losers still cheat!

Cheater: HaH4h4, L0s3rs. 1 5+IlL 0wnZOR yoU! pB 5UcK5!
by CaptainAmerica March 11, 2005
A message board for teenagers located at www.futazi.com
Lets go to futazi and talk about our problems!
by CaptainAmerica March 08, 2005
A MLB team in Milwaukee. They have one of the state of the art stadiums called Miller Park, but a poor team. In the 2002 season, they set the new low for worst record ever for a Major League Baseball team at over 120 losses. There poor ablity is blamed on when they get new young talented players, they trade them for dried up never-was.
Ben Sheets is a good young pitcher for the Brewers, but soon he'll get traded to the Kansas City Royals from some 45 year old short-stop who can't catch a damn ball.
by CaptainAmerica April 01, 2005

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