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A person on the premises of Wal-Mart store, usually an obese woman with poor dental hygiene. Dirty children and unshaven men with NASCAR T-shirts and body odor are also common specimens.
I was driving through the parking lot of the strip mall and a stupid Wal-billy almost hit my car with her shopping cart!
by Captain Tito April 09, 2006
de-planet-ized (adj.) Unaware of one's surroundings due to abuse of chemical substances; Extremely high.
After the third joint we were all deplanetized!
by Captain Tito April 09, 2006
Superlative nomenclature for a person who simultaneously demonstrates the characteristics of "white trash" and "hillbilly."

Garbage-billy has a distinct and condescending tone when used in conversation.
Ever watch the TV show on drug Intervention and see a meth-head from Kansas? That garbage billy ought to keep doing the meth and let selective Darwinism take care of the problem!
by captain tito February 12, 2008
A large gathering of uneducated people with poor hygiene, whose lives are often underscored by the melodramatic nuances of methamphetamine, babies mamas, unemployment, DUI's and domestic violence. Such gatherings are commonly found at County fairs, NASCAR racing events, bowling league Wednesday nights, or Wal-Mart company picnics.
We went to the movies but there was a billyfest in the parking lot across from the bowling alley that made us laugh for so long that we missed the start of the show.
by Captain Tito April 09, 2006

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