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The act or process of secreting a combination of blood, urine, and semen from any one oriface by means of spontanious paristaltic contraction.

The first recorded instance of Trail Mixing was Performed by St Anthony the Great in the year 350. After spending a week in the desert in uninterrupted prayer, he miraculously Trail Mixed on the seventh day by divine command. This is also the only recorded instance of spontanious Trail Mix without stimulus in the history of mankind, although there have been stone age cave heiroglyphs depicting acts beleived by some historians to be of relation to a primitive form of Trail Mixing.

The term originates from the latin root "Nutus" which means semen. Nuts are always a primary ingredient in trail mix, as nut is always a primary ingredient in "Trail Mix".
My girlfriend was strokin' my shaft in the car and I closed my eyes and crashed into a brick wall at the exact moment I ejaculated. I pissed my pants in fear and jizzed at the same time the steering wheel hit my eurethra, which caused internal bleeding, and i proceeded to Trail Mix onto the car stereo.

Whilst masterbating to an action figure of Ghandi mounting a zebra, my pen pal dropped a nativity set on my crotchal region and I Trail Mixed onto his wisemen.
by Captain Stratusphere September 01, 2010
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