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4 definitions by Captain Standley

Someone who is seemingly retarded to the point that they portray themselves as a complete shit.
Random 1: Hey that guy just spat on your mom!!
Random 2: What a complete returd!
Random 1: yep, he sure is returded.
by Captain Standley May 12, 2007
11 5
Artistic motivation. When artistic production needs motivating, with aid by any means. Usually a muse.
I need some artivation....
by Captain Standley May 12, 2007
2 0
A car that resembles and ambulance, but isn't.
This is the term used when out and about and one sees a car that could have been, or looks like an ambulance.

There goes another resembulance.
by Captain Standley May 12, 2007
5 3
Blue balls, testicles which have been starved of lust and or release. And therefore become engorged lusticles. Masterbating cannot relieve this tension.
I havnt been near a woman for a week, and my lusticles are aching!
by Captain Standley May 12, 2007
3 3