3 definitions by Captain Sex Offendor

1. Derived from the greek word 'forum'. A person who is in public, an introvert, but online the exact opposite.

2. A person who in real life, is a loser and antisocial, but online is rather popular and has many friends.
Dude! Does that forgon ever leave the basement?!
by Captain Sex Offendor October 31, 2007
to fart on somebody, usually in the face
I let rip a good fart and basted and old lady hunched over a walker, who was right behind me and eye-level with my butt.
by Captain Sex Offendor October 27, 2007
1) n. The tips of one's fingers after wiping, but prior to washing. IE Your fingers when they have shit on them.

2) n. A game involving sticking your shit covered finger tips in someone's face.
1) Upon picking my nose, I realized I forgot to wash my torpedoes. Damn...

2) I stuck my fingers in my friend's mouth and shouted, "Torpedoes!" and ran away. He soon caught me and beat the shit out of me...
by Captain Sex Offendor September 16, 2006

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