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the name says it all....or; to park/ drop ones anchor in poo bay! see bum sex
Billy: wot did u do last nite?
Jimmy: ya mam!!
Billy: no thats wrong... i heard ur a pooshooter.....
by Captain Pugwash March 23, 2004
(posh brits only) in my case my mum wouldnt let me say fart!! so its....
" dont say fart!! its pumped!"
sorry mum!! i had an egg sandwich n ive pumped n it smells!!
by captain pugwash March 30, 2004
when one sticks ones member up another members bum hole..... can also be used with a female contraption of a strap on!!
should be done with caution: side effects include shitting out blood for a few days after.... lubrication neccessary!!
by Captain Pugwash March 22, 2004
fucked up, deranged and retarded..... possibly one hell of an ugly mother fucker!
yo dude, ur my best friend but ur chick is MUNTED baby!!
by Captain Pugwash March 22, 2004
Definition: captain pugwash
Background: captain pugwash
Example: captain pugwash
by captain pugwash April 13, 2005

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