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1. A stupid and inconsequential person.
2. A small village in Somerset.
"Oh, you nimlet!"
by Captain McDosy July 22, 2003
A form of music in which the singer moans on about their life in a whiney voice to a lame, watered down rock backing while pretending to be metal.

Often mistakenly called Nu Metal by people who don't realise that was once a legitimate musical movement before it was hijacked.

Prime exponents of the Whinge Rock scene are Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Linkin Park and Evanescence.
"God I hate Whinge Rock. I want to hear an angry man shouting, not some whining little bitch."
by Captain McDosy July 22, 2003
A once legitimate musical movement incorporating bands such as Deftones and System of a Down, now sadly hijacked by corporate wank. Frequently confused with Whinge Rock.
"Do you listen to Nu Metal?"
"Well I used to, but now that seems to mean manufactured arse fudge like Linkin Park, so now I'm not sure what I listen to."
by Captain McDosy September 11, 2003

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