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From my experience, stereotypical scene kids you see on the internet look way different than they do in real life. I have a good scene girl friend (she says she isn't anymore, but her appearance says otherwise.) who looks competely different. They wear Japanese kid-show backpacks with bright jackets with metalcore band shirts. (WTF?) Others will wear baggy hoodies with super-skinny jeans and huge colorful, hightop DC/Nike shoes. Hair colors aren't specific, because they're always changing. They're always multicolored and bright though. You'll see them in the mall with big headphones around their necks. Music includes dubstep, crunkcore, screamo/metalcore and nu-metal. Hollywood Undead and BrokeNCYDE are favorites. They type with excessive faces like O.O and :3. They can actually be pretty cool, but the rest are weird and annoying. Alot of them aren't hot like they are on the internet. Scene boy fashions include tight jackets with tighter band shirts and skinny jeans. They go to local venues to hang out. If you want to see one, go there. If they think of you as cool they'll walk up and start talking to you (thank GOD this hasn't happened to me yet). If they do play small talk and walk away, they won't leave you alone.
At a venue: "Great show!" "I know!..hey, look at those scene kids texting in a circle on the floor."
by Captain HurpDurp April 24, 2011

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