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1: A follower of the Islamic Religion, which, despite constant racism, produced some of the greatest minds of the ancient world. If only it were true now...
2: A narrowminded hypocrite. Due to the unwavering hatred of other religions because the Qur'an (supposedly) said so, while they don't even check if their sources are accurate.
3: (slang) A terrorist, mostly used by the large denominations of American Christians so far right that they fall of the page.
And I'm a Jew, I'm friends with a muslim,(Which goes directly against the Qur'an) and he doesn't blindly follow his religions Holy Book like SOME people. *coughcoughCatholicscoughcough*
1: No matter how much you claim to hate them, do you even know ONE thing about Islam?
2: The Qur'an states that you shouldn't be friends with Christians and Jews, because they are friends with each other. THIS IS BS! Christians regularly persecute Jews, and even other Christians. SHUT THE HELL UP!! Why can't you be more progressive with your religion?!
3: Alan:"Hey, some muslim bastard just blew up the City Hall!"
Me:"Excuse me, but why does he have to be muslim? Is it because you're so narrowminded that you can't accept the fact that there are some good muslim people in the world? Because that kind of discrimination is the same exact thing that they direct towards us, y'know.
Alan shuts up.
by Captain Flan April 17, 2006
I'd like to take this time to say that their are a lot of people who (thankfully) like this game. And to all of you staunchly Anti-Disney jackasses: HAVE YOU EVER EVEN PLAYED THE EFFIN' GAME?!
There are many reasons to like this game, and they're NOT because of the cameos by Final Fantasy characters!
Pros: Excellent story, No loading screen involved with battles, Innovative ideas; including moving in a 3D world where you can actually jump! Finally, I'm sick of being unable to jump.
Cons: Camera is an enemy and a hindrance, Gummi Ships are awkward to build, certain people are too narrowminded to even give this wonderful game 1 try! Why won't you play the game?! Are you immeadiately turned off by the idea of Disney committing characters and ideas to it's construction? You can over look that, dumbass.
All in all, KH is great, and unless SquarEnix actually listens to these dumbasses, it's gonna stay.
Kingdom Hearts is a great game, and if you don't think so, go to your nearest Blockbuster and actually RENT A COPY!
by Captain Flan April 20, 2006
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