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Something that people with any form of self-respect and/or pride do not watch.

Much of it is based off the premise of holding a still shot for many seconds at a time, in fact, many anime shows do not even move at all. This is Japanese revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki: making america's nerds one more thing to annoy us with.

See also: Fagasaur
Guy 1: Dood I watched bleach the other day and hori
-jimi-shiro-naga-african sleeper hold said that pirate ninjas will take over the world in the year 2447! Ke ke ke ke ke! Anime!

Guy 2: I would rather beat myself to death with a steel dildo than watch that shit.
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007
Someone who loves the cock.

In their butt. Hard. Long.

And dry. Because blood is nature's lubricant.

Guy 2: You are a fagasaur, my good sir.
by Captain Dugong November 06, 2007
When a large black man comes up behind you and strangles you with the pocket giraffe he calls a dick.

This usually happens at the least opportune time, such as balancing your check book or reading a story to children.
Father: And Hansel and gretel lived happily ev-BWAWHGAWHGHG!


Onlooker: Now THAT'S an african sleeper hold if I've ever seen o-BAWAHWGAHWG!
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007
What god invented to assure us that yes, he truly hates us.
Guy:Dude, fuck pants.

God: No, FUCK YOU.
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007
Tasty little motherfuckers. Best served with a side of sea turtle stew and something else a little more endangered.

Also: When you're doing a mondo fat chick and take a taco (green) shit on her face.
They don't call Manatees sea cows for nothin'.

You like that seaweed, don't you?

by Captain Dugong November 06, 2007
A cross between the dutch oven and cleveland steamer. A sex act where the man proceeds to take as large a shit as possible, preferably after eating mexican food, kimchi or drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon to create that stew like consistency that is so familiar in the pressure cooker, on the womans chest and pulls the covers over her head to pin her to the bed while she futily tries to fight her way out.

Best served along with a Manatee.
Guy: Yeah man Cindy wouldn't swallow last week so I gave her a bitchin pressure cooker to teach her a lesson. She gobbles that shit now.

Guy2: Wooord
by Captain Dugong November 07, 2007

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