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A racehorse designated by an owner who has a majority stake in a meat production and/or meat processing company.
Announcer "Around the bend, Meater Baddeater heads toward the finish..."
by Captain Duder April 30, 2009
A fart inside you. Most people confuse this with gas or indigestion. It is actually you farting inside yourself.
Sean - "What was that noise"

Andrew - "Sorry man, I inferted"

Sean - "Infert?"

Andrew - "Yeah...look is up on Urban Dictionary."
by Captain Duder February 06, 2009
The color of menstral fluid mixed with lubricant. Not to be confused with Menstraspinx, which is a combination of Mentral fluid and lube, not the color.
Andrew "I fucked the shit out of that bahemouth from the DC...bitch was tight!"

Matt "Dude...was she menstragenta?"
by Captain Duder January 16, 2009
Early morning need for a man to stretch and pull on his nut sack. This sometimes result in a moist/warm nut sack looking like a web being spread apart...hence Spread the Web
Early each morning, Bill felt the need to spread the web before he got his cup of coffee.
by Captain Duder February 18, 2012
To finger an orifice on one's person. Distinct from "fingering" or "to finger" which can include mutual fingering. Dwollopping is fingering oneself absent of another person.

In Asia, the process includes some sort of animal fat residue as lubrication.
Betty likes to dwollop herself after picking up burrito's from the restaurant where the guy shot that chick.
by Captain Duder February 08, 2011
Acronym for Uncontrollable Appetite Disorder. A disorder associated with very large people.
Mr. Allen has a UAD, we really should respect his disorder.
by Captain Duder July 09, 2009
The substance left 24 hours after a female ingests the "Day-After" pill.
So my GF took this pill to take care of that accident the other night. It was nasty, but she is still hot so its cool! She cried and called it her cream cheese baby.
by Captain Duder March 23, 2009
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