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The cost of cheaper oil for the next 30 years. Also a statistic the Bush Adminstration wished they covered up better.
Yes, I said it. After 9/11 we would go on a CRUSADE and we sure did alrighty. In the traditional sense, we slaughtered the innocent people in the name of all that is right and profitable..I mean holy and completely missed the target we portrayed.

I mean.. Hey is this mic on?

Yes Mr. President, and once again you've proved to be a asshat
by Captain Douche February 23, 2005
Cum, Jizz, Semen and Sperm Mixture. Probably one of the most vile ways to describe it too.
Hey what does Bill do all day, he never comes out!

Duh Joe, he's always makin crotch custard. You mean you've never walked in on him? He's doing it just about every half hour ya know.
by Captain Douche February 23, 2005
An UK colloquial.

Loose change, a couple of coins (usually pence)
I've got three bloody pounds of tuppany rice at home, I just don't have a pence to spare on me.

(Lords of Acid-Out Comes the Evil)
Half a pound of tuppany rice
Half a pound of treacle
Thats the way the money goes
Pop goes the weasel.

Half a pound of heroin
Half a pound of treacle
Thats the way the story goes
Out Comes The Evil
by Captain Douche February 23, 2005
One of many stores that sells similar clothing and convinces Americans to worship them like the materialistic gods they are.

Quite possibly why the middle and far east considers us "The Great Satan".

Also has shoddy, easily worn out and soon to be out of fashion clothing.
Hey did you check out my new Abercrombie and Fitch sweatshirt with the hilarious anacdote about my huge dick, cleverly disgused as large sausage salesmen? And the giant A&F logo that blankets the remaining free space so everyone knows where I got it?

No Gary. But I believe you'd look better when they come out with the new Fudge Packin' In The Closet line of pants. Do I need to kick your ass again?
by Captain Douche February 23, 2005

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