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They are the most fearsome dodgeball squadren ever assmbled by mankind. There throws are equal to the power of 17 atomic bombs, and they are able to dodge 100 bullets at the same time. They often leave their opponets bloody and missing several limbs. They have no mercy for woman, children, firemen, or ex-Marines, and if the Gods themselves came down to play dodgeball, the Gator Skin Balls would be victorious.
Loser1: "Dude i hope were not playing the Gator Skin Balls tonight, i just got all of my limbs reattached".
Loser2: "I hear that"
by Captain Dave March 02, 2005
a untensil used to cut families.
I'm gonna cut your family, with a big snife!
by Captain Dave March 19, 2004
a woman who talks a lot commonly refered to as chatty cathy. makes excelent salespeople and usually a good friend. not always a team player but smart enough to tell you why she doesnt have to. one that may talk even when to herself
chatty cathy
by captain dave March 27, 2015
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