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seeing someone else with a beard miles more epic than the one you are currently sporting, making you wish you hadn't shaved or wish you had one like it.
Skunk: dude look at that guy's beard, it's huge!
CD: I know i just got severe beard envy
by Captain Dale May 17, 2010
a way of describing a girl who has been filled with cock quite a lot and filled with dozens of guys spunk which makes you wonder how much cream she must have had inside her and whether the ratio is starting to verge towards being more cream than girl, hench the phrase more cream than tea, reffering to a cream heavy cup of tea.
Skunk: That Jane girl has had a lot of cock man!
CD: yeah, she's gotta be more cream than tea now...
by Captain Dale September 20, 2009
Generously coating your old fellow with lubricant and yanking it like a monkey in a mango tree, often done to save time because it is a very fast and effective method of self pleasure.
Dale: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
Skunk: What's Dale doing? Doesn't he have to leave in 5 minutes?
Mike: yes, that's why he's saving time with a lubed-up power-wank
Dale: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
by Captain Dale April 26, 2009
When two beards cross paths, the more impressive beard has right of way
D: Dude that guy just cut in front of you!
S: It's cool man, he had full on Beard of Way
D: That is an epic beard
by Captain Dale July 30, 2011
a game played by a group of adolescent males. The game consists of one male at a time firmly grabbing another's package so that the pain is not excruciating just very uncomfortable for a few seconds. Hits, kicks, slaps and projectiles are often used in the game but then it becomes Dodge-ball, anything that provokes testicular/ penal pain is allowed. The only rule is to say Dunkers before grabbing someones junk and to accept that once you have, they will most likely get you back at some stage soon.
C.D: Skunk do u like Dairylea?
Skunk: It's alright..
C.D What about dunkers? *grabs Skunk's nuts*
by Captain Dale October 08, 2008
Ridiculously sexy girls, so fit you get wood from them
CD: dude there are so many trees here
Skunk: yeah I know man, I already got wood
by Captain Dale September 20, 2009

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