2 definitions by Captain Courageous

Searching the internet for information.
a) You have to do a project for school.
He went google-hunting about the French Revolution for his essay. He did a google-hunt.

b) You want to find out the meaning of a word -
I'll do a google-hunt and find out. I went google-hunting for definitions.

c) How you heard about the war in Iran?
Yes, I did a google-hunt. I went google-hunting.
by Captain Courageous July 26, 2009
Having sex with someone.
Having a bit of how's your father,


making nookie,
two in a bed trying to make three.
Sounds like a lot of kushmakundi going on.

(To a sad, repressed person) "I recommend a good dose of kushmakundi "

The boss was caught having a bit of kushmakundi with his secretary on the office desk.
by Captain Courageous July 20, 2009

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