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If someone happens to glance at your balls, you shout "BALL GAZING!" and punch one right in the sack to ward off potential homosexual advances and just to make clear to everyone that you're not a queer and, in fact, a raging homophobe.
1st Homophobe: "Habib glanced at my balls today."
2nd Homophobe: "No way! I hope you gave him a good ball gazing whooping."
1st homophobe: " I did! But then I sucked his dick."
2nd homophobe: "I guess that makes you a homo."
1st homophobe: "I guess."
by Captain Cockblock September 21, 2008
When some fat Arab dude is blowing you and right when you come in his mouth you kick him in the balls and he chokes on your shit.
1st faggot: Dude, I so gave this faggot an Angry Habib.
1st faggot: I got my ass kicked, but it was so worth it.
2nd Faggot: Totally.
1st faggot: Yeah.
by Captain Cockblock September 10, 2008
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