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Bodily Comfort, or better yet, PUSSY!
I sure as hell hope you KNOW what Pussy means
Fleshpot for dinner?
by Captain Bizznatch February 08, 2003
The Mispelled Version of Penis but also the special powers believed in by The Bizznatchs
Believe In The Pensi, And The Pensi Will Spit On You
by Captain Bizznatch February 08, 2003
When watching a film with your girlfriend and you feel that this "party" gots to be started. You pull the pause button, which in other words is pausing the movie and then making out and "other" stuff.
The other day I pulled the Pause Button on her, it was awesome, I think later I will push it again and use it on myself!
by Captain Bizznatch July 26, 2003
A Very Special Girl/Thing/Animal/Evil Plant which is all corssbred into one, this is known as a "Hybrid" but as it being more insulting that the "Female" is reffered to as a man...Thus "Hyrbrid-Man"
Look at that Hybrid-Man...!
by Captain Bizznatch March 23, 2003
When you feel the urge have a pizz party in otherwords...FUCK!
Joe: Maybe later we can have ourselves a little pizza party?
Jill: um, no...
Joe: Why not?
Jill: Because last time we ate pizza, I got herpes!
by Captain Bizznatch July 26, 2003
The First Ammendment of Da Bizznatches, which implies that the word "BIATCH" which is derived from the word "Bitch" this ammendment has been placed due to Nano using it TOO MUCH
BIATCH, BIATCH, BIATCH....Okay time to use the Bizznatch Ammendment #1: The Biatch Limit
by Captain Bizznatch March 23, 2003
Random Sex. It has been said to be a myth. One day somebody shall prove it to be true. One day.
I want Popcorn! GIVE ME POPCORN! Mommy, can I have popcorn?
by Captain Bizznatch September 07, 2003
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