2 definitions by Captain BJ

Gidge is a small kinda odd looking man who lives in a trash can. He is completely hairless except for the palms of his hands. He can usually be found peering out over the edge of his trash can, the lid laying on the ground next to the can.
Everybody knows you're going out with Gidge, Amy!
by Captain BJ June 21, 2007
Lettuce that has been cooked until it becomes a wet, sloppy, relatively dense, algae like substance. Originally discovered when lettuce was added to toasted sandwiches by Adelaide stoners suffering from the munchies in the mid '90s. A toasted sandwich containing lettuce is known as a Wammage Sammage.
DON'T put lettuce in that stir-fry you loon! You'll end up with Whammage!!!
by captain bj July 26, 2007

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