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1 definition by Captain Awesomeo

Honest, unapologetic satyrical comedy that airs on Comedy Central. Early episodes were crude, politically incorrect (and hilarious) and followed the lives of 4 boys in a small Colorado mountain town. Has evolved into one of the smartest social commentaries in popular culture, lampooning any topic. Usually very accurate in putting society in perspective. Often misunderstood by people too shallow to see beneath the shows surface appearance as a crude and politically incorrect show about children who swear a lot. People who dislike the show are often: old, have no sense of humor, stupid or belong to a group the show has made fun of.
1: "Hey, let's go watch South Park."
2: "No, that show is sophomoric at best."
1: "Oh, so you're a South Park fag."
2: "What's that?"
1: "A heterosexual who needs to get over them self and quit being a douche."
2: "Fuck you, asshole."
1: "That's the spirit."
by Captain Awesomeo November 08, 2009