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To pout with one's eyes closed during particularly moody section of music, often when paying guitar or bass.

Often refered to as the "bassist's cum face", it can be coupled with the "walled shame" stance in order to conceal its appearance.
"I was trying to listen, but couldn't get over the bass pout"
by Captain Ace McKenzie March 13, 2006
To face the back wall while playing a guitar or bass on stage, often to conceal shyness, or give one the impression there is no audience.

Often employed by serial users of the "bass pout" in order to avoid being mocked, postgig.
"He was so tied up in his walled shame, I didn't even notice he was on stage"
by Captain Ace McKenzie March 13, 2006
To thrust ones hips forward into ones guitar, with one leg placed behind and one as far forward as possible, often extending to reach a peddle.

Often combined with a namara bass pout.

Popular within the underground Australia stoner rock movement.
"That carlonic lunge nearly ripped his cheap second hand pants"
by Captain Ace McKenzie March 13, 2006
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