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5 definitions by CaptSkubba

When sexually aroused, a wide-on is the phenomenon of a woman's labia widening in order to accomodate the male hard-on which they so desire.
"Fuck me that guy is sexy. I've got a wide-on like a wind tunnel just thinking about him on top of me!"
by CaptSkubba February 07, 2009
152 80
Opposite of a Well Kept Beaver, a vagina in a poor state of up keep, usually meaning long pubic hair and general uncleanliness.
Man, she had such an unkept beaver that I got friction burns on my little soldier!
by CaptSkubba February 05, 2009
10 2
a nicely trimmed and clean vagina
"Did you go down on it"
"Yeah, she had a proper well kept beaver!"
by CaptSkubba February 05, 2009
8 1
While wrist deep within another persons body during the act of fisting, the fister quickly opens and then closes their hand, like a quick heart-beat or a sub-surface mine.
"Ow! What the fuck was that?"
"Depth-charge baby!"
"It felt like my entire body was about to explode!"
"Totally. SONIC-BOOM!!"
by CaptSkubba July 15, 2009
4 2
the act of double fisting someone, so that the arms look like Ryu's from street fighter, only inside another persons body. Can be done double vaginal, double anal, or mix-and-match.

"What were you doing when I walked in, you looked wrist deep?!"
"I was, man. Totally gave her the hadouken."
by CaptSkubba February 05, 2009
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